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Dead Space Coat- Left Side Armour Units (front) by falklands89 Dead Space Coat- Left Side Armour Units (front) by falklands89
Dead space project gallery: [link]

I warn those who do not partake in the recreational pass-time of gaming, this is going to make absolutely no sense… Right, so with the release of Dead Space 3 a few weeks back I decided to celebrate the end to a gripping horror game series and anime by designing a coat. Inspiration was taken from Isaac Clarke’s original armour in DS1 and his engineering armour in DS2 as it presented more detail. I wanted something a little more casual than a hulking suit, so I created a jacket template that reflected the security officer’s coats in the first anime (the good one) “Dead Space Downfall”. This being one of the most ambitious projects I’ve undertaken meant that a great deal of detail was going to be required in the creation of the intricate armour sections, in the space of three days I taught myself how to vector, creating scaled blueprints. The fact that I had to design the graph paper sitting under the designs was one of the many pains in my arse due to the fact that illustrating software on Ipads is intuitive, but far from rivalling that of any adobe software. The RIG (Resource Integration Gear) was probably the most challenging thing to design; I had hoped to just rip of Isaac’s RIG from DS1 straight up, but the end result was a bulky appendage that needed to be designed from the ground up, to something, slimmer and low profile. Materials: I estimate this project costing around £600-£700 pounds (I know, yikes), and have had a great deal of trouble finding materials to make the armour from, so far I have Resin, Kevlar woven carbon fibre, and ballistic nylon set in resin. Any suggestions 3D designer types? The coat itself will be made of lambskin leather and then tailored for a custom fit Rig and Stasis unit will be illuminated by EL wiring inside flexible perspects and the wiring will be run down the interior of the coat leading to a handy squeeze on/off switch just inside the inside pocket with accessible power source. Any ideas on improvements, feel free to comment ^^.
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February 20, 2013
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